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Caring for someone who is at risk of falling out of bed or wandering around when they shouldn’t be?

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Date: 16 Sep 2015 12:35

Our range of bed, chair and floor sensor pads and fall prevention products can be an important aid to keeping individuals safe.

These sensor pads and infra-red monitors have the benefit of the individual being restraint free and not being enclosed by side rails fitted to the bed. By a simple connection to a Nurse Call Monitor an alarm sounds when the sensors register significant movement by the user. Fall prevention products will never replace vigilance in caring for individuals but they can be an important aid to keeping ‘at risk’ individuals safe. For individuals who are prone to falling out of bed, we also supply a range of fall prevention products, such as the Anti-Roll Side Wedges and Side Rail Pads to soften the feel of the bed as well as reducing risk of entrapment between the rails..

With these products in place, along with regular monitoring, you can be assured that the person you’re caring for is kept safe at all times, enjoying a secure nights sleep whilst giving you have peace of mind. .



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