Attends Contours Regular Fitting Guide
Step 1

Step One

Attends Stretch Pants should be used in combination with Attends shaped pad (Contours 6 - 10). Correct sizing of stretch pants is important - measure the hips and waist and using the larger of these two measurements ensure that the correct size of pant is chosen.

Step 2 Step Two
Apply the stretch pants, then pull them down to just above the knee and fold the waistband over. Open the pad fully, making sure the back sheet is on the outside and the soft white lining is next to the skin. Gently fold and cup the pad lengthways to ensure that the leakage barriers stand up. Don’t touch the leakage barriers - they will cup and fit naturally with the pad.

Step 3 Step Three
Place the pad between the thighs if possible from front to back with the larger area of the pad towards the back of the body.
Step 4

Step Four
Smooth out the pad and pull up the stretch pants high into the groin to ensure a snug fit.

Step 5 Step Five
Adjust the pants to cover the pad and ensure that the back sheet is not folded inwards.
Step 6

Step Six
The pants should cover the pad. Finally check that both the pad and the stretch pants are fitted snugly.

Hints and Tips


  • Choose the absorbency of pad required according to individual client assessment.
  • Choose stretch pants according to hip/waist size.
  • Close fitting underwear can be worn with products up to absorbency level 5.
  • The smaller the pad you choose the greater the dignity and comfort for the user.


  • Ensure that you have unfolded the pad fully before it is fitted.
  • Do not shake the pad.
  • Place the smaller end of the pad to the front and the larger end of the pad to the back of the body.
  • Fold lengthways and gently cup the pad.
  • Don’t touch the leakage barriers - they will cup and fit naturally with the pad.
  • Position the pad towards the front for men and centrally for women.
  • Ensure the correct size of stretch pants are being worn or a suitable equivalent.
  • If the pad is fitted when the user is laying down follow the same sequence as for fitting the pad in a standing position.


  • Check the wetness indicator - if the wetness indicator has disappeared over half the length of the pad (60%) the product requires changing. If not the pad can be reapplied.
  • Clean and dry pads can be reapplied after toileting.
  • Remove soiled pads from the rear where possible.
  • Clean skin as per your local policy. Clean from front to back.
  • Avoid oil based creams if possible. Powders should not be used at all. These will affect the absorbency of the pad, preventing urine being absorbed and placing the skin at risk.


  • Check all aspects of fitting and assessment.
  • Check that you have the correct size of stretch pants.
  • Only increase the absorbency of the pad when you have checked it is not a fitting issue and following clinical assessment.


  • Roll up the pad and dispose as per your Trust’s clinical waste policy.
  • Do not flush the pad down the toilet.
  • Attends Stretch Pants are re-usable
Attends Contours Regular are tested and approved by proDERM,
Institute for Applied Dermatological Research