Attends Pull-Ons Fitting Guide
Step 1

Step One - Preparation
Measure the hip and waist and using the larger of these two sizes ensure that the correct product size is selected.

Step 2 Step Two - Fitting
Attends Pull-Ons can be used like ordinary underwear and the pad can be pulled up and down as many times as you like.
Step 3

Step Three - Fit
The elasticity of the pants ensure a snug, comfortable fit whilst the breathable material is skin friendly.

Step 4

Step Four - Removal
Changing and removing the pad is very easy: either pull the pant down or you can tear open both sides of the pant.

Hints and Tips

  • Choose the size of Pull-On you require according to hip and waist size - whichever is larger.
  • Choose the absorbency level based on the volume of urine passed. Start by choosing a lower absorbency number for example level 3 before moving to a higher absorbency for a discreet and more comfortable fit.
  • Attends Pull-Ons can offer effective management for people who may pull out shaped pads.

  • Ensure that the product is fitted the correct way round.
  • Roll up pad and dispose as per your Trust’s clinical waste policy.
  • Do not flush the pad down the toilet.
Attends Pull-Ons Medium, Large and Extra Large are tested and
approved by proDERM, Institute for Applied Dermatological Research