Attends Soft Fitting Guide
Step 1

Step One
Remove the adhesive fixation tape on the back of the pad.

Step 2 Step Two

Place the pad securely in your own close fitting underwear ensuring that the fixation tape is away from the skin.


Hints and Tips


  • Choose the absorbency of pad required according to individual client assessment.
  • For optimal performance, we suggest using the product in combination with close fitting underwear.
  • The smaller the pad chosen, the greater the dignity and comfort for the user.


  • Roll up pads and dispose as per your Trust’s clinical waste policy.
  • Attends Soft 1 - 3+, you may use the single wrap to dispose of the product.
  • Do not flush the pad down the toilet.
Attends Soft are tested and approved by proDERM,
Institute for Applied Dermatological Research