iD Expert Belt Fitting Guide

iD Expert Belt are belted briefs designed for managing moderate to heavy incontinence in active and independent people. They are also recommended for people with limited mobility or those who require assistance.

iD Expert Belt Plus 

  Step One
Start by unfolding the iD Expert Belt, opening it out first from right to left, and then from left to right. Fold the iD Expert Belt in half lengthways and gently channel it by running your fingers underneath the back sheet. This activates the anti-leak cuffs.

Step Two
Stand next to the patient and fasten the belt around their waist by means of the hook and loop tabs. Next, bring the pad upwards between the legs, taking care to maintain the cupped shape. If the patient is immobile, gently roll them onto their side and insert the iD Expert Belt between their legs from front to back. Next, place them onto their back, and pull the pad out at the front, whilst taking care to maintain the channel shape.

Step Three
Arrange and smooth the pad over the abdomen and buttocks. Pull out the front of the pad until it is completely open, and secure both ends to the belt using the two hook and loop fastenings.

Step Four
Finally, ensure the pad is fitted securely and comfortably between the legs and the groin area.