iD Expert Form Fitting Guide

iD Expert Form are anatomically shaped pads offering an ideal solution for managing moderate to heavy incontinence in mobile or semi-mobile patients.

These products provide high levels of absorption, making the user feel dry and comfortable. These products should always be worn with iD Expert Fix net pants which help keep the product correctly in place, or the patient’s own close fitting underwear.

iD Expert Form Plus 

  Step One
Start by pulling the iD Expert Fix net pants up to just above the knee, with the top folded down in preparation for securing the pad. Fold the iD Expert Form in half lengthways and gently channel, this activates the anti-leak cuffs.

Step Two
Pass the pad between the legs from front to back with the back sheet turned away from the skin, then centre the pad by using the wetness indicators as a guide. If the patient is immobile, gently roll them onto their side with one leg slightly raised to prevent them from falling and, with safety in mind, bend the knees to create a channel between the legs.

Step Three
Fan out both the back and the front of the pad horizontally to create a channel shape between the legs. Then smooth out the product, front and back.

Step Four
Pull up the pants to fit securely over the product, ensuring the pants are fitted well at the top of the legs and that the pad remains closely fitted at the groin. Adjust the pad and pants if required to ensure the user feels comfortable and secure. Remember iD Expert Form pads should always be worn with close fitting elasticated underwear or iD Expert Fix net pants.

iD Expert Fix Net Pants
Available in the following sizes: 
Small, 40-80cm waist
Medium, 60-100cm waist
Large, 80-120cm waist
X Large, 100-160cm waist 
XX Large, 140-180cm waist