iD Expert Light Fitting Guide

iD Expert Light are pads designed for the small urinary losses caused by bladder weakness. Shaped like feminine towels, this range of products provides maximum discretion and security due to its anatomical fit.
iD Expert Light Maxi 

  Step One
Start by gently unfolding the product, smooth and flatten, then halve the pad lengthways forming a cupped shape in the central area of the pad. The elasticated area will naturally assist in shaping and cupping the pad which, in turn, will help achieve a close, secure fit.

Step Two
iD Expert Light are anatomically shaped pads which are designed to fit closely to the body. When using these pads the wider end should always be placed to the back and the smaller, narrower end to the front.

Step Three
Remove the paper from the adhesive strip which runs lengthways along the middle of the back of the pad. Stick the pad onto the crotch area of the pants, carefully positioning it so that any urine that escapes will go into the central area of the pad.

Step Four 
Pull the pants up, ensuring that the newly applied pad remains in place and fits closely to the groin. iD Expert Light incontinence pads should always be worn with close fitting underwear.