Lille Suprem for Men Fitting Guide

Fitting Guide

The SUPREM for Men is a range of products specifically developed to meet the need of male users managing light to moderate incontinence. They are designed for the small urinary losses caused by bladder weaknesses. This range of products provides anti-leakage security, discretion and comfort and can be worn with GANMILL Panty or close fitting underwear.

Lille Suprem for Men Extra
Lille Suprem for Men Extra Fitting Guide

Lille Suprem for Men Super
Lille Suprem for Men Super Fitting Guide

Product Advantages

Waterproof back sheet that enables the air to flow to maximise skin integrity.

More discrete
Anatomic shape for a better fit and more comfort, whilst remaining discrete

More absorbency
The Super absorbent Polymer provides a faster absorption and helps to keep the user dryer, longer

The acquisition layer improves the rate of absorption, greatly reducing the risk of leakage and any potential feeling of wetness.

No leakage
A peel off strip helps to keep the pad in place, greatly reducing the risk of leakage.

Odour control
New generation Super absorbent Polymer : maximizes the absorbency level and neutralises odours.

The SUPREM range has been tested under dermatological conditions with the results proving the pads to be hypoallergenic.