TENA Men Fitting Guide

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Step One
Open the TENA Men packaging and unfold the pad, removing the tab to expose the adhesive strip.
  Step Two
Make sure that the wider part of the pad is positioned upwards.

Step Three
Place the pad in snug-fitting underwear so that the adhesive strip attaches to the inside front.

  Step Four
Do not use with loose-fitting underwear or boxer shorts.

Best Practice of Product Fitting


  • Assess user for correct absorbency
  • Fold pad lengthways to create bowl shape
  • Fit with wide end of pad pointing upward
  • Ensure a close fit is achieved
  • When creams are prescribed, used sparingly to ensure the product works effectively


  • Place one pad inside another to increase absorbency
  • Use talc, as it reduces the absorbency of the product